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Virtual Classroom

To enable you to interact widely and communicated across various channels, vLMS comes up with the Virtual Classroom setup which provides you the platform to get connected and perform the classroom activities virtually.
vLMS virtual classroom allows you the ability to record classes as it happens including any presentations audio and visuals.
vLMS virtual classroom provides you the great options to have impromptu meetings and group projects where members can check in and on progress and bounce ideas of one another.

Enterprise LMS for Organization

To enhance learning if you are in school or more effectively train employees if you are in business, vLMS will be an incredible valuable tool.
This one is fully customizable system with the flexibility to serve each scope of learning and training needs of small businesses or multinational enterprises.
This one is available as cloud based and on premise solutions to cater your all business needs and helps you to cover maximum resource from 500 to 5000.
vLMS provides multi-device accessibility and customized reporting to measure the complete course success and filling learning gaps.

LMS For ecommmerce

eCommerce eLearning

vLMS eCommerce integration with LMS enables the users or organization to grab the opportunities to sell their courses online and grow business as well.
This enables to generate the revenues by joining the eCommerce online business which is dominating the commerce market of nation.
This provides a new prospective to all those who lies in the category of learner as they can choose courses as desired and get a relevant knowledge from any corner of the world.

LMS for Instructor

vLMS provides you the extended and vital features to administer the complete enrollments and courses where this provides the platform for instructor to modulate the processes like roaster, courses, interest lists and offerings.
This too helps to manipulate the user management, Data sourcing, course management, talent management more and many more.